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There hasn’t been any other recent phenomenon that's inspired so many theories as that of Game of Thrones. Everything from the infamous Jon Snow being the son Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark - to even the recently debunked conspiracy that George R R Martin had completed all the books and was holding on to them in some sort of bizarre attempt to make more money. But one theory that really caught my attention was the one about Tyrion being of Targaryen blood; due to the fact that it was unexpected but it could still drastically affect the plot of the entire series or it could simply fade away as another fact thrown into the reader’s/viewer’s minds.

Now here is the reason that this peculiar speculation arose; it was a well-known fact that the Mad King Aerys Targaryen was infatuated with Tywin Lannister's wife, Joanna. It is possible that after some point in Tywin's marriage, Aerys could have slept with Joanna, especially considering the fact that GOT isn’t the most subtle book when it comes to sex or rape, and principally because Mad King Aerys was renowned for his infidelity and well, his madness.. So it can be presumed that at some point of their marriage, Aerys had managed to rape Joanna (my conscience won’t let me believe that Joanna would willingly put her marriage with a husband who loved her as much as Tywin did, to go sleep with a man like Aerys), which led to her getting pregnant with Tyrion.

Even in the books Tyrion is described with physical attributes that are closer to the Targaryens (lighter, white-blond hair and heterochromia - one eye being a colour similar to that of Targaryens), and has a deep fascination with Dragons. And also the fact that Tywin carried some unjust hatred for Tyrion, so much so that his last words were to declare Tyrion as “No son of Mine”, along with his regular disdain that he has to treat Tyrion as one of his own. Tywin’s constant resentment towards Tyrion has seen many fans interpret them as subtle barbs that Tywin always knew that Tyrion was secretly Aerys' child. But while Tywin made sure that Tyrion would never be his heir, he still raised him instead of letting him die like most people in Westeros would do with dwarf children. People think that Tywin did this either to preserve the honour of his house or because he could never bring himself to kill Joanna’s child, regardless of the circumstances.

So if these theories hold to be true, then the three heads of the dragon prophesized to Daenerys at the House of the Undying are her, Jon Snow and Tyrion. While this theory has always been there, since the plot of Aerys lusting after Joanna and that Tywin despised Tyrion had been revealed; it truly gained momentum after the airing of season 6, where Tyrion showcases his spectacular skills with dragons by successfully controlling two chained dragons (that is making sure they don’t eat him) in order to free them. As some unfortunate souls have learned over the course of the series, dragons are quick to flame, broil and devour anyone who looks at them funny. Even Daenerys is unable to completely tame them, she can only show them where to fly and if lucky, they might listen. But as it turns out, Tyrion’s silver tongue is much more powerful than I first thought (and believe me I thought he was pretty awesome already). With a few witty remarks and comments, Tyrion managed to get the dragons to put their trust on him and he was opportunely able to break the chains holding them. He even told them the story of how he really wanted a dragon for his birthday (which by the way they seemed really flattered by) and they patiently listened to him.

This could be George R R Martin’s way of showing fan service, because let’s be honest here he doesn’t really seem to care what he does with our favourite characters his preferred option being to kill them off (*cough* Robb Stark *cough* I’m still not over that one..), and maybe he feels bad and wants to make up for it or something. So he decided to make Tyrion, who is by far one of the most popular characters in the series, more important by tying him into the overarching story. But nothing is declared as of now, it might even be one of the many fan head canons that never see the light of the day, but it might also prove to be true and then all that matters would be how the prophecy of the three headed dragon would turn out.

All we can do is wait, and knowing George R R Martin, we have a long wait ahead of us.


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